TeamPlayer 5.0

Create and control shared desktop access
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Enable multiple users to work within a single desktop. Display several different cursors indicating remote machines or access ports. Control the connections and automatically distribute processing power. Define restrictions for screen access by individual users.

TeamPlayer makes co-working, co-learning, co-reviewing, and co-operating easy. Useful for any task that requires the participation of multiple users in one single PC, this app allows up to six users to be connected to the same computer either via any of its USB ports (through a mouse or keyboard) or remotely, via the Internet, a LAN, or a Wi-Fi connection. If you happen to grant access to more than six users at a time, Dicolab offers you various licensing schemes to overcome this limitation.

Remote users are required to install a free app (TeamCONNECT) that will allow them to connect to the group. Except for this and the few extra configuration steps required to allow remote connections to use the program, setting up and enjoying the multi-user capabilities of TeamPlayer couldn’t be simpler and more straightforward. Local users just need to connect their mouse or keyboard to one of the free USB ports available (or to a multi-port USB hub) to become part of the group. This new version 4 of the program allows the main user to restrict the area through which the various users can move around, thus preventing them from accessing sensitive system icons and apps or restricted documentation.

Each cursor can be easily identified by color, and you can add a distinctive label to each of them (i.e., the user’s name) to help others know who’s doing what. As a novelty, this label can now be edited on the fly, and you can combine both features (colors and labels) to avoid any possibility of confusion. You can also change the size of the cursors and define the mouse speed to help the various users move around your screen more conveniently. You can also create your own keyboard shortcuts to enhance the program’s usability and to prevent your mouse from interfering with others when performing common and repetitive tasks.

TeamPlayer offers you all the features required to work collaboratively in an efficient and precise way. The program’s support for remote-access users makes it suitable for numerous collaborative uses in the education, design, writing, and crisis management fields, among many, many others.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports up to 6 users at a time
  • Customizable cursor and mouse options
  • Allows for remote users to connect via Internet, LAN, and Wi-Fi


  • No significant drawbacks found
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